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Our wines

Our wines are elaborated in view of reflecting our terroirs. At the heart of Anjou Noir, schist is the main element, in every possible version and color. Our vineyard is located in three chief spots: the first one is that of Haute Perche in the district of Saint-Melaine-sur-Aubance, where the estate is located; the second one is situated in Huttières, the locality of our superb hillside overlooking the Aubance River; and the third one is situated in the neighboring district of Soulaines-sur-Aubance. These three areas comprise three unique terroirs with different exposures, different sub-soils and different slopes, boasting a genuine rainbow of schist (red, green, ochre and blue) and more or less clay. 

Our winemaking and maturing choices are made in view of respecting the fruit, so that each berry can fully express its origins, but also the way in which we have shaped it. 

At Haute Perche, tribute is paid to Chenin: this incredible grape variety allows us to give life to the finest white wines, whether they be dry, sweet or sparkling. And we are also elaborating local AOP red wines, that pair well with gourmet cuisine, such as Anjou Villages Brissac and Anjou Gamay, as well as rosés, sporting the Cabernet d’Anjou and the Rosé de Loire appellations.

Dry white


Sweet white