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Last modified: April 2018

It is normal for you to be concerned about the manner in which we obtain, use, and share your personal details.

In addition, the hereby personal data protection policy (herein after “The Policy”) was written in view of informing you about the way in which Domaine de Haute Perche (hereinafter “Domaine de Haute Perche” or “The Company”) collects, uses, and stores your personal data (hereinafter “Data”).

Various DATA that we can collect and process or that you can forward when you consult The Site.

All of the abovementioned URLs will be referred to as the “Sites”.

Use of all the Sites is subject to the current Policy.

In light of the constant evolution of laws and rules in terms of technology and personal data, this POLICY will probably be updated.

Site users will be informed by email about any changes.

Should one of the clauses of the present Policy become invalid or contrary to regulation, it will be considered non-written, but shall not invalidate the other clauses of the current Policy.

1. WHAT DATA IS COLLECTED BY Domaine de Haute Perche?

According to the nature and the finality of your interaction with Domaine de Haute Perche (creation of a user account, subscription to one or several newsletters, details provided via the contact forms, as well as over the phone) we may collect the following DATA:

  • Your email address will automatically be required for all our forms and more precisely for the following services:
    • To create a user account,
    • To contact us,
    • To report harmful content,
    • To subscribe to Newsletters.
  • DATA about your identity, such as your surname, first name, email address, and phone number may be requested;
  • DATA related to browsing: this information is associated with the way in which you use the Sites including: IP address, navigator used, navigation duration, search history, operating system, language used, and consulted pages;
  • DATA concerning the visits of our Sites, including traffic data, log files, and other data or communication resources used when accessing our Sites;
  • DATA relating to the use of social networks when using other functions.


Data can be collected in different ways on the Sites.

Information can be collected directly when you communicate via online forms when creating a user account, contacting us, reporting harmful content, subscribing to newsletters.

Moreover, we may collect your details when you use various contact forms on the Site and/or when you communicate with Domaine de Haute de Perche by telephone or e-mail.

When you contact us via these different means, a copy of your exchanges with Domaine de Haute de Perche, including your email address, is made and saved.

You can equally forward us information for publication purposes (hereinafter «Contributions») on our free access Sites, or content sent to other users or third parties.

Your Contributions on the Sites are published at your own risks.

Domaine de Haute Perche cannot control the actions of other users of on its Sites, with whom you share your Contributions.

As a result, we cannot guarantee that your Contributions will not be consulted by non-authorized users.

The removal of Contributions published on the Sites has to be requested in writing at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In some cases, the Contributions cannot be deleted.

If so, you will be informed about the reason for this decision.

Domaine de Haute Perche equally indirectly collects your DATA through the use of cookies/trackers.

Please read our Cookie policy, in view of better understanding these technologies and how we use them on our Site and with regard to our services, applications, and tools.


We collect and use your DATA for the following purposes:

  • To present our Sites and their content,
  • To allow you to benefit from our services,
  • To enable us to contact you,
  • To provide you with our Newsletters, products, and services,
  • To notify users about the changes to our Sites or with regard to our products and services,
  • To respect our rights and obligations stipulated in the contracts with users, and any other lawful purposes.

We also use cookies and trackers for the following:

  • To improve upon the user’s experience notably with regard to:
    • Allowing the Sites to recognize your material, that way you do not have to supply the same information to undertake the same task;
    • Recognizing the user’s name and the password that you have already supplied, that way you do not have to enter them again on each web page requesting them.
  • Analyzing the traffic and data on the Sites in view of:
    • Measuring the number of users, thereby permitting to make them easier to use and to make sure they can respond swiftly to your requests;
    • Estimating surfing behavior and speeding up your searches;
    • Helping us to understand the way in which you use our Sites to make them better.


Your data is processed by Domaine de Haute Perche’s partners in charge of:

  • Managing the Sites;
  • Dealing with legal issues.

Moreover, in the context of our business, and for external security requirements, your DATA may be communicated to subcontractors, service providers, or third parties. Especially for emailing campaigns (Newsletters), done through Message Business 46 rue René Clair, 75892 PARIS CEDEX 18.

These partners are regulated by contractual obligations to respect the confidentiality of Data and to only exploit them for our specific needs.

This DATA may be shared, in the event of a change in control of Domaine de Haute Perche, resulting from a merger, a sale, a restructuring, a reorganization, a dissolution, or other acquisition or transfer of some or all the company’s shares, due to uncertainties or bankruptcy, or other processes, whereby user DATA from the different sites belonging to Domaine de Haute Perche counts among the transferred assets.

Last of all, we may equally disclose your DATA:

  • In view of complying with legal mandates, laws or justice systems, including state or regulatory requirements, if we consider that disclosure is necessary or in the framework of the protection of rights, property or the security of Domaine de Haute Perche, its customers or other stakeholders.
  • This disclosure includes the exchange of information about other companies or organizations, in view of protecting against fraud and imitations.


Domaine de Haute Perche stores DATA only for the duration of the purposes stated in Article 3. This period of conservation is not the same, depending upon the type of DATA, as the nature and the finality of the collection affects the duration.

Likewise, some legal obligations impose a specific conservation period. When you contact Domaine de Haute Perche thanks to different contact forms or by phone, your DATA will be conserved for three years as of your last contact with Domaine de Haute Perche and will then be deleted.

The DATA related to your user account will be conserved for the duration of your inscription and for two years, as of the deletion of your account.

If you would like to receive our Newsletters, or if you have subscribed to the Newsletters of our Sites, your DATA will be kept until you decide to unsubscribe. If you have not accepted to receive our Newsletters via this form, your DATA will be conserved for two years.

When you report illicit content, the length of time for storing DATA will vary depending upon the offense at issue, and the applicable limitation period.

Moreover, as DATA has been collected through the use of cookies or trackers, details will be conserved for up to 6 months for cookies or trackers measuring the audience and up to thirteen months for the others.


Your DATA is stored on secure servers and protected by firewalls and antivirus solutions.

We have installed technical and organizational measures, designed to guarantee the security and the confidentiality of your DATA, from accidental loss as well as unauthorized access, use, modification, or disclosure.

In the light of the Internet’s special features, it is sometimes impossible for us to guarantee the highest safety standards on this network.

We do our utmost to protect your DATA, but we cannot guarantee full security when it comes to the information transmitted to the Site.

You accept that you have shared your DATA at your own risk.

We cannot be held responsible for the circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures on our SITES.

For this reason, you agree that the security of your details is also your responsibility.

For example, you must keep the password to your user account secret. Never disclose it to third parties. Moreover, be careful when you share details in the public sections of the Site, as they may be consulted by all of the Site’s other users.


You can decide how your transferred DATA is used:

  • You can navigate on the Site without supplying DATA.
  • In this case, you cannot use certain functions on the SITE and notably register your details on the Site.
  • You can decide to no longer receive the Newsletter.
  • All you have to do is unsubscribe via the link in the email that has sent the Newsletter.
  • You can choose not to supply your email address in the various contact forms.
  • As a result, you will not be able to get a response from Domaine de Haute Perche if you have a query.

In all events, you may access your user accounts at any time to consult or update your DATA.

In line with the previsions of the legislation applicable to the protection of personal data, in particular the European Regulation dated 2016/679 concerning the protection of DATA (hereinafter RGPD), as well as the amended law n°78-17 of January 6 – 1978 entitled “Information Technology and Liberties”, you may access and modify your DATA.

You may also leave instructions about the outcome of your DATA in the case of your death.

Moreover, the conditions outlined in the above-mentioned law concerning these rights foresee:

  • The right to have DATA deleted;
  • The right to limit the processing of your DATA;
  • The right to contest the processing of your DATA for legitimate reasons, according to article 21 of the RGPD;
  • The right to the portability of the DATA that you have supplied;
  • The right to withdraw consent when it has been requested.

When your DATA has been processed with your consent, you can withdraw it whenever you like. However, you acknowledge that the processing carried out before the revocation of your consent remains perfectly valid.

You have the right to refuse, without justification, the profiling of your DATA in the event of the transmission of content or communication for commercial prospection purposes.

However, in accordance with Article 12.6 of the RGPD, to exercise these rights, Domaine de Haute Perche, as the entity in charge of processing, reserves the right to ask you to show proof of your identity. The documents permitting to justify your identity will be deleted after responding to your query.

To exert this right please send an email in French to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have up to a month to reply to any request concerning the exercise of your rights.

< p>This delay can be extended by two months, due to the complexity of a request or a large number of requests.

Last of all, you are entitled to lodge a complaint before the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), notably via its internet site:


No, the Sites are hosted by OVH France, the servers of which are situated within the European Union.

When you use these SITES, you agree that your personal DATA may be forwarded to the servers.