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As a responsible player in the Loire Valley, Domaine de Haute Perche has completely changed its vine growing and winegrowing practices, in view of becoming exemplary and unique in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

This meaningful approach is achieved thanks to several initiatives: introduction of biodynamic growing practices, plantation of vines resulting from massal selections, soil decontamination, restoration of plot tilling, crop diversification in parcels unsuited to vine growing, namely oak trees and fruit orchards. 

The estate’s team equally carries out highly precise and non-intrusive measures, with tiny doses of sulfur, only when necessary. Special attention is also paid to the quality of the working environment: major investments have been carried out in the cellar to upgrade the property’s winemaking equipment, as well as staff working conditions (dining room, rest area, showers, and training opportunities). 

Haute Perche is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2025, equally thanks to the following measures: solar roofs, reuse of bottles, and rain water collection.