Our CSR policy

What is CSR?

The Corporate Social Responsibility describes our general approach of constant and global improvement in the 3 following areas : Environment – Human Resources - Economy

As an engaged Loire Valley Actor, Domaine Haute Perche is commited to:

  • Work towards an organic and biodynamic viticulture
  • By respecting the specifications of the european organic certification AB for its culture and wine-making process since 2016,
  • By respecting the specifications of the Demeter certification for its culture since 2020 using indigenous yeasts only,
  • By replanting vineplants exclusively coming from a selection of the most-robust vineplants on the domain, also called “sélection massale” 

What is “sélection massale” ?

A “sélection massale”, is the selection of the most robust vineplants on the domain to create young plants (cuttings) that we will use to replant on our parcels.

What is the carbon footprint of a company?

It is the assessment of the greenhouse gases’ production induced by the economic activity of a company, mostly due to the use of fossil sources of energy like fuel.

A neutral carbon footprint means a company has reached the balance between its carbon dioxyd emission on one hand, and its carbon collection capacity on the other hand.

Actively protect the environment and sustain biodiversity

  • By planting 600 oak trees on our parcel in collaboration with the local municipalities and schools in 2021
  • By planting new hedges between our parcels, which makes it easier for the fauna to nest and increase its population
  • By focusing on animal work on some parcels, in collaboration with local experts of horse work in viticulture
  • By planting on our empty parcels certain seeds, selected by the start-up Biomède, in order to extract rests of any polluting substances or heavy metals, and then bringing them to dedicated recycling facilities,
  • By using our own water resources (collecting rain waters and using our own sinks),
  • By installing a solar roof, which will make the domain close to self-sufficient in electricity,
  • By installing bee houses and bats’ nest boxes around our parcels.

Ensure decent working conditions for its staff

  • By renovating the existing facilities in order to create more comfortable working conditions, and by building new spaces, such as a cantine.
  • By providing the obligatory PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and respecting breaks’ times, while adapting to the climate constraints too.

Focus on an economically sustainable activity

  • By compelling the highest quality of our products, we assure the long-term viability of the company
  • By prioritising local business partnerships in the sector of bars, restaurants and hotels
  • By collaborating with famous oenologists at the top of technique, and quality-seeking
  • By raising our attractiveness in building an appropriate and powerful communication strategy
  • By organising eco-friendly events at the domain, moments of share, warmth and goodwill with our local and loyal clientele
  • By joining “the Anjou Vignoble Villages” Tourist Office to enlighten the terroir’s image, as the domain is certified “Cave touristique du Val de Loire” (i.e. touristic cave of the Loire Valley) and “Vignoble & Découvertes” (i.e. vineyard and discoveries)

Having a CSR Policy involves our engagement to constant improvements.

Thus, Domaine Haute Perche sets itself as a goal to have a neutral carbon footprint by 2025.

An energetic assessment will occur 2022.


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